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Pell Grant amount

If you are a student who is confused about what it takes to become eligible for the Pell Grant, you must first understand that your federal Pell Grant eligibility comes down your ability to satisfy the list of Pell Grant requirements in combination with your ability to exhibit an appropriate EFC metric. This is really […]


Once you have established your eligibility for the Pell Grant it is then imperative that you learn about the actual Pell Grant amounts that you may be able to receive for the upcoming school year. You should be encouraged to hear that the maximum Pell Grant amount has been increased by 150 dollars for the […]


The crucial thing that you must understand If you have been wondering about how to apply for a Pell Grant is that you must fill out a FAFSA to make yourself eligible to receive the grant. The FAFSA, or free application for student aid, is the only Pell Grant application you need to fill out, […]


The key to figuring out your Pell Grant eligibility is to first learn about what that really means. Most students fail to invest the time that is needed to understand the intricacies of the Pell Grant, and therefore fail when it comes time to become eligible for the Pell Grant. The truth is that simply […]

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